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Our Story

Allergy Free Bakery is driven by a simple belief: “We want everyone to enjoy the sweetest things in life.” Our journey began with a personal connection as two of our children were born with over 20 food allergies. The challenges they faced ignited our determination to not only support and love them but also celebrate their uniqueness. Beyond our own family, we felt a calling to extend this support to every child and adult navigating similar dietary challenges.

From the tender age of 3 months, our boys exhibited skin reactions that covered over 90% of their bodies. Countless doctor visits later, by the time they turned one, their extensive list of allergies was revealed. We were handed a daunting list of allergens to avoid—dairy, egg, tree nuts, beef, and fish—and handed an epinephrine pen, but we felt overwhelmed and uncertain about providing them the nourishment and treats they needed. School outings, birthday parties, and holiday gatherings turned from joyous occasions to stressful hurdles.

Amidst these struggles, we realized how easily taken for granted are the simple joys of food exploration and freedom. A conviction stirred within us, urging us to create a haven where allergen-related stress could be lifted, and everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, could indulge in life’s delights. My husband embarked on an extensive journey, dedicating his time to researching the bakery industry. Years were spent attending conventions, collaborating with dietitians, liaising with companies for proprietary mixes, and advocating for accommodating solutions.

The memory of our oldest son Anthony’s exhilaration during his first cookie at age 2 remains etched in my heart. Witnessing that sheer joy, we realized every child should have that moment. Our meticulous menu, meticulously crafted to be free of the top 9 allergens, as well as gluten, dairy, and animal products, has been perfected over time. Within our facility, allergens are strictly prohibited, ensuring there’s no room for cross-contamination.

Our team is a passionate blend of individuals committed to providing not just allergen-free, dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free products, but treats that surpass expectations in taste and appearance. Our recipes promise both kids and adults the liberty to relish delicious desserts without compromising their health or safety. At Allergy Free Bakery, we’re not just delivering exceptional products; we’re delivering the chance to celebrate and savor life’s moments, no matter the dietary journey.

– Chris & Jessica Farraj, Founders