Our Promise


We take every precaution that we can possibly take on our end. We have spent the last 3 years researching ingredients and products to try and meet the needs that we are looking for. We absolutely want to make sure that we have the best and safest products so everyone can safely enjoy our products, without any worries. We looked for products that are made in TOP 9 Allergen free facilities (many are made in top 14) Our proprietary flour mixes, cupcake mixes, cake mixes, brownie mix, bagels, and frosting, all come from facilities that are certified through GFCO or MenuTrinfo certified or another certified agency. We have looked at allergen statements and have questioned their processes. We have had our distributor Nutritionist and Dietitian Team look over ingredients, which they specialize in allergies because they have a lot of school accounts that they deal with. We have made phone calls, emails, and other contact questioning procedures. We made sure that they have a Food Safety program in place. We have made sure that they are doing testing and have a sanitation program. Any places that have allergens possibly present, we have tried to avoid using that company. 

Manufacturing Facilities must be certified by the FDA or USDA when it comes to food standards, manufacturing, and processing. We have done our best to research the different facilities and have tried to only deal with those that don’t carry any of the possible Top 9 Allergens. Any facilities that produced nuts or tree nuts we have tried to steer clear from totally. One thing that we need to bring forth is that some of our products carry coconut oil. Coconut is classified by the FDA as a tree nut.

However, the coconut oil that is found in a couple of our products, is even hot pressed, or highly refined, which means that the allergen protein is refined out of the product, which no longer has the protein in the item, and according to the FDA, no allergen has to be declared, because the allergen is not found in the product. We have checked on the items that have coconut oil, and the company has provided guarantees and allergen statements, that there are no allergens found in their products. Products can also be checked on the company’s website. 

All employees at the Allergy Free Bakery  follow strict policies and procedures. No allergens will be allowed to be brought into the bakery, this includes meals and drinks.

Of course, I would like to give you a 100 percent guarantee that everything is 100 percent safe, but unfortunately but no one can ever guarantee that! Manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines and testing, which are required by the FDA. Manufacturers must perform allergen testing as part of their programs. They have to have a HACCP/HARPC FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM, which must be strictly followed.

Because of the allergens all of our equipment and everything in the building (including walls, flooring, drop ceiling and fixtures) are brand new and never used.